The Most Important Thing in Life

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath Sermon, Jan. 19, 2013)

What are your Life's Priorities?

If I asked you to write out the topmost concern currently on your mind as you sit here in church, what will it be? Will it be your business, your work, a debt to be paid, your child's school fees? 

As smart people, most of you will detect my little trick and will promptly say, 'salvation'. But if I were God and could read your minds or prise open your brain, what I will probably discover will be far mundane, even base. Your thoughts will be mostly earthbound, preoccupied with bread-and-butter everyday survival issues!   

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The Vanity of Christmas and the Truth in Christ

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath School, 22nd Dec. 2012 – 5th Jan. 2013)

The Wine of Babylon is Strong

Believe it or not, but the imperial, Babylonian universal religion of sun-worship has got the whole world hooked on a complete nonentity—a vacuous, empty festival that is antithetical to all godliness and everything our Holy Creator God stands for.  Sadly, however, most of the world is ignorant. But sadder still, those presented with the truth (even in the believing community) are so intoxicated with the wine of the Babylonian false religion that they are hardly able to extricate themselves from its grip.  Download and read the full sermon here.


We can only be Thankful

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath Sermon, 22nd December, 2012)

If the LORD had not been on our side …

Imagine a world without God where we are all by ourselves, defenceless and vulnerable.  That's a scenario Ps 124 subtly calls on us to ponder so we will appreciate how blessed we are. 

So just imagine for a moment life without God: Would you survive life's crisis? Could you stand up to the enemy in your own strength and prevail?

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An Open Door of Opportunities

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath Sermon, 5th Jan., 2013)

The Future is Bright: Soldier on!

There's cause for hope this year. Our God is a God of possibilities. The future can only look bright. Our God is the only One who is able to make a way where there is no way, even "a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters" and "rivers in the desert" (Isa. 43:16, 19). With Him nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37; Matt. 19:26). Remarkably, He wants us to have the same mindset. He calls us to develop His very own unbending iron faith which enabled Him to create the world out of incorporeal things as well as call those things that do not exist as though they did (Heb. 11:3; Rom. 4:17). With this divine faith attitude, nothing shall be impossible for us (Mark 9:23; 11:22). 

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The Riches of the New Life in Christ

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath Sermon, 15th December, 2012)

Heavenly Honours put Earthly Honours in the Shade

It's been two weeks since Ghanaians went to the polls to elect a new President and Members of Parliament.  The peculiar circumstances of the general election relative to the declared results have meant an extended political season of acrimony.  The political climate remains tense.  (May Yahweh Shalom envelop the nation in His durable peace!) 

For the competing political parties, the coveted prize was and is the presidency, the seat of government.  The presidential candidate who is inaugurated as the substantive  President not only assumes the highest authority in the land but also becomes the commander-in-chief of the national army as well as the head of state with all the trappings of office that go with it. 

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End-of-year Thanksgiving Service

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath, 29th December, 2012)

Give Thanks to the LORD for His Enduring Mercies

 Luck is Fickle and Treacherous

 A brand new year is upon us; year 2012 is on its way out with all its blessings and pressures. Every New Year holds a certain mystique--the mystique of the unknown in the coming days, weeks and months. Circumstances change, we fall on good and hard times, we go through trials and tribulations (Ps. 34:19), and yes, we have our good times, too. 

For me, it would be foolhardy to trust in mere luck or fate to see us through the incoming year. We need to anchor our lives and destinies to something more solid and reliable, a resource, a power that will stand us in good stead no matter what wind blows or what crisis comes our way.  We need to anchor our lives and futures to a Rock that is higher than us as David sought for with heartfelt emotional prayers: 

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The Father Deserves a Hearty Thank You!

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath Sermon, Dec. 1, 2012)

"Honour the LORD with thy Substance"

What parent won't feel happy and proud if their son or daughter gives them a gift? Parents immensely rejoice at the gifts their children give them , not because they badly needed those gifts or even because the gifts  were valuable.  They rejoice at the gifts because of the thought behind them. The gifts reveal their children's love for them and their zeal to show that love.

Typical of old folks, they would proudly show off the gift to friends and relatives, "my son bought it for me".

Similarly, when we give to God He is overjoyed, not at the offering itself, whether big or small, but at the spirit behind it--and in which we make the offering. It shows the gratitude of our hearts and the depth of our love towards Him. It is a way of saying thank you Father, a demonstrable way of doing Him honour. Hence "Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase" (Prov. 3:9).

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