Israel - God Intervenes in Modern History

As Israel celebrates the 60th anniversary of its rebirth in 1948—after almost 2000 years  of exilic existence—what do you make of the Jewish State? Zionism’s little evil empire carved out on Arab land? And seemingly invincible too because of Western support?

If you buy into this propaganda, be in for the earth-shattering evidence showing God’s hand in the fall, dispersion and restoration of Israel. Everything on schedule!

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Coming … A Freeze on Cash!

It comes convenience studded. You feel unencumbered and most unlikely to fall victim to muggings or other attack on your person for your cash. It’s all loaded on your smart card, or better yet on your biochip (computer microchip implant) securely stuck under your skin. With your smart card or biochip, you can transact business anywhere without money ever changing hands. 

Cashless transactions are the wave of the future. Many of the systems are said to discourage crime and may make us feel safer.

But could they lead to something more sinister? Will there arise a power that will one day require all to receive a mark before we could buy or sell and even access services like medical care?

Bible prophecy says so, and the cashless trend puts it on a fast track to fulfillment. (Read Rev. 13:16-18).

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Anarchy in Iraq--Four Fearsome Angels on the Loose?

It’s a place given up for a disaster zone. Violent deaths are so commonplace that many of us have become quite indifferent to news of further mass killings in Iraq.

America swept into Iraq in search of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) with “regime change” and democratization on the cards. But it wasn’t long before the initial motive was abandoned. America found no weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, much as its agents scoured the country.

Even so, America pressed on with its democratization programme, overseeing successful national elections and the installation of a government of national unity. However, as we all know too well, America has not had it easy in Iraq. Virtually from day one to today, violence has dogged America’s presence in Iraq with an ever rising death-toll involving Iraqi citizens and US soldiers.

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The Rise of Sodomites - An Ominous Sign

“Except the LORD of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gomorrah” (Isaiah 1:9).

How accurately the above scripture describes our world today! Homosexuality cuts a swathe through modern society like a raging forest fire devouring everything in its path.

Long regarded as a despicable subculture, homosexuality has in recent times made its way from the fringes of contemporary culture and is jostling for a place in mainstream society. It has even re-branded itself “gay”, in an effort to convey the positive flavour of the old word ‘gay’ which meant ‘cheerful’.

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Are We on the Threshold of a New World Order?

If you follow the news, you will no doubt notice an exciting phenomenon: Our world is ‘shrinking’ rapidly. Societies are intermingling even as economies are fusing and becoming ever interdependent.

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