Testimony 1

Sister Mary Amankwaa

Sister Mary Amankwaa

“Halleluiah! I certainly have cause to rejoice. The Lord Jesus has been good to me. If it were not so, I surely would not have been alive today. “I’m Sister Mary Amankwaa. I worship with the Adiebeba Assembly.

“On the night of Saturday, October 23, 2004, just as I was about to go to bed, I found myself sinking to the floor as I felt a sudden weakness in my limbs. To all intents and purposes, I had been struck with stroke.

“With the little strength I could muster, I limped into my room and managed to issue on instruction that I should be taken to Apostle Ofori for prayers. A taxi was subsequently called in, and I was laid inside bound for Elder’s house.

“From what I’m told, I arrived at Elder’s house practically dead. I could not speak; my body was cold and still with my eyes tightly shut.

“Elder on seeing my condition began to pray for me with all seriousness. In the course of the prayers, he was said to have called out my name, “Sis Mary come home, come home in the Name of Jesus.
” It was at this point that my eyes opened and I began to throw up a milky, phlegm-like substance.
“Feeling tired, I soon fell into a sound sleep. With regular prayers from Elder Ofori, I began to walk Imageagain even as my paralysed left side healed.

“Now, thanks to the mighty power of God, I’m able to make full use of my limbs. Praise His Name for whom all honors is due.”