Testimony 3

Sis. Judith Barima

Sis. Judith Barima

“Praise the Lord God of Israel. It’s with joy and gratitude that I testify to the glory of God. “I’m Sis. Judith Barima. I worship with the Adiebeba Assembly. “Two years ago, while Elder Ofori was leading the church in worship, he asked the congregation to offer up intercessory prayers for a sister about whom the Lord had revealed an impending tragedy.

“The whole Assembly, in response to the call, prayed to the Father in the mighty Name of Christ to restrain the hand of the destroyer. That same hour, the Lord sent an answer through His servant (Elder) by vision: According to Elder Ofori, he saw the sister, who lay on a stretcher, get up and walk!

“My brothers and sisters, little did I know that I was that sister about whom the Lord had revealed the looming misfortune.

“The next day, which was a Sunday, I attended a funeral in one of the villages adjoining the Offinso township in the Ashanti Region.

“After the funeral, I boarded a Kumasi–bound 207 Benz bus. I should say the driver really put his foot down. Because of the great speed at which he was driving, the driver, in an attempt to negotiate a bend in the road, lost control of the vehicle, whereupon the bus ran into a roadside ditch where it dragged along for a while before falling on its side.

“The metalwork in the bus injured a large number of the passengers. Eight people died in the accident, some on the spot, a few others later in hospital.

“Seated at the back close to where the bus had fallen on its side, I found myself underneath a pile of dead bodies, but miraculously I was unhurt, save a few particles of broken glass that had lodged in my skin.

“Indeed, it was not by my might nor by my power that I escaped. It was the LORD’s doing. Halleluia! We serve a prayer–answering God.”