Testimony 4

Sister Grace Osei

Sister Grace Osei

“Praise God. I am Sis. Grace Osei. My heart is filled with joy as I give this testimony to the glory of God. “I was once called a barren woman, but today my ears don't rest from incessant calls of ‘mama, mama, mama.' The Lord has been good to me. “When my husband and I got married, we were expecting to have a child within a reasonable period of time, but after several years of marriage we remained childless.

“Soon we came to realize that unless we did something about the situation, our union might probably never be blessed with children.

“So with the support of my husband, I went from one hospital to another and all kinds of spiritualists—wherever I thought I could find help—but all turned out to be futile.

“Meanwhile, fourteen years had passed since my husband and I married, and we were increasingly under pressure from both our families to divorce so that hopefully each could find a suitable partner with whom he or she could have children. But we stood our ground and refused to give in to our families' demand.

“God being so good, a well-wisher directed me to the 7 th Day Pentecostal Assembly at Adiebeba, Kumasi , assuring me that God would see to my problem there.

“During one camp meeting, Apostle Ofori prayed for me in the company of other barren women, and shortly afterwards I conceived.

“Nine months later, I gave birth to a lovely baby girl. And I have since had a boy.

The Lord has turned my mourning into singing. “The God who gave Sarah Isaac in her old age is the same today and forever. Put your trust in Him; He does not fail. Amen!”