Testimony 5

Sis. Nso-Nyameye-Ye

Sis. Nso-Nyameye-Ye

“I'm known as Sis. Nso-Nyameye-Ye. I would like to give a heartfelt testimony to the glory of Christ. He has shown me mercy; He brought my son from the brink of death and has given me cause for boundless joy.

“Over two years ago, while I was away, my son, Michael Nkrumah, was taken ill and admitted to the hospital on the point of death. So serious was my son's condition that for two weeks he remained in coma, unable to move or speak despite repeated attempts by the doctors to revive him.

“In the midst of the crisis, I did not lose hope. I reported the matter to Elder and the other ministers at the Adiebeba Mission for prayers and intercession. A few days later, my son miraculously regained consciousness. However, he was far from a full recovery as he began to throw up blood. I was told that blood had collected in his stomach and so the blood had to be sucked out. This was done, but still there was no significant improvement in his condition until two months later when he was discharged.

“A few weeks after coming out of the hospital, however, my son suffered a relapse. When I took him back to the hospital, I was told that blood had again collected in his stomach. The earlier procedure used to suck out the blood was again applied, but this did not stop further internal bleeding into his stomach. So the procedure was repeated two more times, but on each occasion, the blood came back as before.

“My son was now a pitiable sight to behold. Apart from having a distended belly, he had also become squint-eyed and couldn't see clearly. As they asked me to take him home, it was clear from the behaviour of the nurses and doctors that they considered my son's case to be hopeless. Even so, they told me to bring him back in a week's time for further tests.

“During the week-long wait, I came to stay at the Mission House with my son so that the ministers could continually pray for him. On the night before we were due to go back to the hospital, I suddenly noticed blood dripping from under him which I used a rag to soak up. To my surprise, the blood flow continued for a long while. When it finally subsided, my son had become weak; he could neither speak . At that point, I thought he had died; all hope was gone.

“But out of the blue I was startled out of my worries and despair. My son spoke to me, ‘Mama, take me to the pastors for prayers.' Overwhelmed with joy, I took him to Pastors Dankwa and Acheampong for prayers. Amazingly, the child regained strength soon after the prayers.

“Bathing him at home in the morning, I discovered that his once distended belly was now flat. In a matter of days, he had regained his health. Even his eyesight is much better today, thanks to regular prayers from God's ministers.

“Halleluia! Where medical science hit a dead end, there Jesus proved His power to heal and to save. He is my Deliverer for real. Make Him the Lord of your life, and you shall never regret it.”