Testimony 7

Bro. Paul Anane

Bro. Paul Anane

“I am Bro. Paul Anane. I worship with the Adiebeba Assembly. I joined the church in 1986 when Elder Ofori and his team organized a public preaching in my hometown. “Before I became a member of the church, I had developed a heart problem which caused my heart to beat rapidly; besides, I easily got tired from walking even a short distance.

“I spent a fortune as I visited numerous hospitals and spiritualists in search of a cure but to no avail.

“One Sabbath when I attended church, I went to Elder Ofori and told him all about my problem. Elder assured me that nothing was too hard for the Lord and that I should trust the Lord for my healing. He subsequently prayed for me. In no time, I saw an improvement in my condition.

“By the following week, I had completely been healed and even participated in a construction work being undertaken at the Adiebeba Mission. Before then, I dared not even go for long walks, let alone engage in any such strenuous activity.

“My health is sound to this day. Praise God! It's an undeniable truth that the Lord Jesus heals today of which I'm a living proof. Bring your burdens to Him; He cares for you.”