Testimony 8

Bro. Thomes Amakye

Bro. Thomes Amakye

“Praise the Lord. My name is Bro. Thomes Amakye, a member of Adiebeba 7 th Day. Pentecostal Assembly (HQ), Kumasi. I give glory to the Name of the Lord for the great deliverance He has wrought in my life.

“Nearly three years ago, I was spiritually attacked with “juju” (satanic powers) by a woman who wanted to take over a piece of land on which I had been farming for several years. To accomplish her ends, this woman, in my absence, went to the farm and planted three bottles stuffed with some dark roots, which contained the “juju” powers, on the farm.
“A few days later, I visited the farm and unknowingly stepped on the bottles. Shortly after I returned home, my right leg began to ache terribly. In a matter of days, I was completely disabled. For three weeks, I was confined to bed. My aching right leg had swollen badly while I felt severe waist pains. To make matters worse, I started to experience difficulties in breathing – asthma had also set in!

“Fully conscious of God’s power in His Church, I directed that I should be brought to the Adiebeba Mission House for prayers from Elder Ofori and the other ministers.

“Over the next several weeks, God’s ministers prayed for me in the Name of Jesusonly (no application of medicine or other material cure), and I began to see steady improvement in my condition.

“The pains I felt in my waist disappeared ; likewise the difficulty in breathing, while my swollen leg shrunk to its normal size.

“Jesus is indeed the great Healer of all who put their trust in Him ( 1 Pet. 2:24; Ps 107:20; Ex 15:26). He did not fail me in my hour of crisis; neither will He fail you. Glory be to His Holy Name for ever.”