Power of Covenant Keepers

Covenant–keepers have the power to demand the fulfillment of the promises stated in the terms of their agreement with others. The element of truth in the said agreement is the power to demand that the stated benefits be made good.

On the other hand, covenant–breakers do not have the authority and power to back their demand for pay or rewards. People that have not reached agreement with God the Father through Christ, Our Mediator, definitely have no grounds to claim His great promises of blessings, based upon the keeping of the legal terms of His everlasting covenant with Abraham and all his descendants.

Yes, through the observance of God’s commandments and laws being the terms of His everlasting covenant with His people, they are well able, with boldness, to ask anything they like from His. The provisions of the Lord’s Constitutional Law allow His covenant-keepers to even command the Most High to do the impossible for them – Isai. 45:11. We can without fear nor doubt demand payment for the work we do, on the basis of agreement.

In the same way, God Who has presented His Holy commandments as His terms to His people, by the Abrahamic everlasting Covenant, is committed to save and bless them. That which compels Him to fulfil His solemn promises is, in fact, obedience to His commandments and laws, divinely declared to be “the whole duty of man” – Eccl. 12:13. The whole duty of man, which is the law of God, shall be assessed by the Lord in the last day to see those who may have performed it for justification – Rom. 2:13. On the other hand, those who might have neglected the whole duty of man will be found guilty! – Eccl. 12:14. In view of this, whatever a person does without obedience to God’s law is unprofitable – Eccl. 1:2.

These Scriptures point out that the Lord has entered into an agreement with all nations, and therefore shall reward every individual person, according to his or her attitude towards His laws on the righteous judgment Day. Hence the connection of God’s commandments with the Judgment Day in Eccl. 12:14 , showing that those who keep His commandments will be rewarded with GOOD. On the other hand, those who don’t keep them and do evil shall be rewarded with evil.

As a matter of fact, God fulfills His golden promises to only those who carry out His orders. I quote:

“For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do JUSTICE and JUDGMENT: that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which He hath spoken of him” – Gen. 18:19.

The principles of cause (obedience) and effect should be applied to make life in the Lord a happy one. Even Abraham, of whom the Scriptures say that it was imputed to him for righteousness as he believed God, was strictly instructed to observe His commandments and laws, being the terms of His eternal covenant with him, to ensure the fulfillment of His good promises to him!

Yes, faith without obedience is dead! To avoid disappointment in his divine worship, Abraham believed God and kept His laws, and thus received abundant blessings – Gen. 26:5 & Gen. 24:1.

As Abraham believed God and kept His commandments and directives, he was blessed as a result, because the Lord was committed to bless him. This is because Abraham faithfully fulfilled his terms of the agreement with his God very well, and so as God is ever faithful He was also bound by the law to fulfill His part by blessing him – Hebr. 6:13-18.

It’s worth noting that those who don’t observe God’s laws have no grounds for claiming blessings, as they by their works show no interest in their covenant with their God. All the unnecessary sicknesses, poverty, and woes that have plagued the society stem from the fact that God’s protecting covenant has been abandoned and broken!

The keeping of God’s laws, by which man’s life is lived in peace on earth, is not given a serious attention to, but other matters that endanger life are the issues to which the peoples of the pagan world have devoted much of their time. By deception, Satan has made man’s life short and useless – Job 14:1. All the curses pronounced in the Bible on the covenant–breakers show that the way of transgressors is hard – Prov. 13:15.

As by covenant, God and people become one, without it, they are regarded as aliens. All Gentiles having no covenant with Him are in His sight declared to be strangers and foreigners – Eph. 2:12. But, the Gentiles that happen to enter into God’s New Covenant with the House of Israel to observe His laws written in the heart and mind, serving as His terms presented to them, cease to be Gentiles. They become adopted Jews or Gentile-converted Christian Jews in the House of Israel – Eph. 2:19-20 & Hebr. 8:10.

The legal terms of God in the heart state that the Lord shall agree to be the God of people who might:

  1. Not have other gods before Him – Ex. 20:3.
  2. Not make to themselves any graven image – Ex. 20:4.
  3. Not take His holy name in vain – verse 7.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy – Ex. 20:8.
  5. Honour their fathers and mothers to prolong their days – Ex. 20:12.
  6. Not commit murder – 13 th verse of Ex. 20.
  7. Not commit adultery – 14 th verse.
  8. Not steal – 15 th verse.
  9. Not bear false witness against their neighbour’s – Ex. 20:16.
  10. Not covet their neighbours’ wiues or property – or property – Ex. 20:17.

In addition to these laws, the law of diet forms part of the legal terms of God’s new covenant with the House of Israel. Therefore, all Christians who don’t eat abominations are the people who love Him and keep His covenant. (2 Cor 6:17-18). Oh yes, God’s eternal agreement is with those who fear His and carry out “the whole duty of man” through the keeping of His holy commandments.

God’s Miracles and Laws
God’s laws are the golden principles and rules, whereby His miracles and signs are performed with efficiency. The moment, Samson put aside the law of God and made Delilah shave his hair, being a forbidden act, the Holy Spirit of power on him departed from him. Consequently, he fell into the hands of his enemies – Judg.16:16-21. The evil results of transgression beginning from Adam to the ante-deluvians of Noah, and thereafter the danger of Samson’s transgress, indicate that God’s laws, being the terms of His covenant with His people, should not be toyed with at all.

As the Lord’s miracles of deliverance and of blessings depend on the application of His laws, He has directed His people to the observance of His commandments and laws. He says that whoever believes His words and commandments, which are the terms of His New Covenant, shall be able to do His miraculous works – even greater ones than His earthly miracles – in His name at this time of His joint-rule with God the Father – John 14:12 & Rev 3:21.

All those who claim that they have taken Christ as the Saviour of their souls, by way of true love, have been instructed to observe His commandments, which are the main terms of His everlasting agreement with them. Having made His promise of “greater miracles” of deliverance to the members of His spiritual body, He concluded His promise of wonders with reference to the keeping of His commandments and laws that provide the necessary condition for His miraculous deeds.

Dr. Luke recorded the mighty deeds, which the apostles of Christ performed in His name, after His ascension to heaven. Following their obedience to His wonder-causing laws and commandments, he reports that all the apostles testified to the Lord’s resurrection from the dead with great power – Act 4:33. Through the observance of His sound doctrine, unclean spirits were exorcised by the hand of the Apostle Peter – Acts 5:15 –16.

The rationale behind the numerous great miracles and signs performed

was given by the Apostle John in his holy letter to all the Christian world. I quote:

“And whatsoever we ask, we receive of Him, because we keep His commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in His sight”- 1 John 3:22.

According to this Biblical information, there was no limit to the things they needed as long as they kept His commandments. As they received “whatsoever” they asked by prayer, as a result of the keeping of God’s commandments, no problem of poverty faced them. This is the miracle-life in Christ Jesus: Because the early Christians obeyed God’s laws and thus played their role properly, according to His will, they accorded Him the opportunity of making His providential care, spoken of in the 23 rd Psalm of king David, a matter of reality.

Since the Lord is ever-faithful, He will always fulfil all His holy promises of deliverance and blessing, both materially and spiritually, to us should we also carry out the terms of His covenant with us faithfully.

The power of covenant-keepers lies in the fact it makes their God committed in the daily supply of all their pressing needs, beyond all understanding. The life of every covenant-keeper is therefore supernatural and miraculous. The promise of wonders is received on the basis of the proper application of the Lord’s golden principles and laws of heaven.

Let’s do the best we can to live by every word of God which has proceeded out His lips, just as the redeemed people of Israel did live, so that our individual needs might be provided by our heavenly Father God in heaven. Amen!

Covenant And Prayer
In our every day life, we read in our local and foreign newspapers about various agreements which have been signed between nations at the international level. Following the agreements made, exports and imports are shipped to and fro in the world. For example, cars, sound systems, and foot-wear are shipped from the industrial countries to the agricultural countries, while food items are also transported to the industrial countries on demand. The movement of goods from one country to another depend upon agreement between the two nations. It’s worthy of note that no shipment of goods will be made from one country to another without a proper covenant or agreement. But goods are always supplied from one nation to another, when agreement is reached in good faith. This is the power of agreement.

In a situation where the supplies of their needs cease to come forth, the recipients have the right to demand the shipment of the needed supplies. On the other hand, if no payment is made for the shipment of the goods, no shipment would be made to the importers. This is once again illustrates the power of agreement.

Straight to the point, God the Father is our Providence or Supplier in heaven. Christians on earth are His children. That the regular supplies of His children in this world might be sent to them, an agreement, to that effect, was signed on their behalf many years ago between Him and Abraham. The legal terms presented in the said covenant of Abraham and his children were His Commandments, even His Ten Commandments – Deutron. 4:13.

As God’s covenant with Abraham and all his descendants in all nations is “everlasting,” the terms of the said covenant are also everlasting – Gen. 17:7. Hence Christ’s statement on the perpetuity of all the laws of God, saying that it’s easier for heaven and earth to pass away than one title of the law to fail or be omitted or cancelled – Lk. 16:17.

Since it’s not the intention of God to bless the wicked, His covenant is with the children of Abraham who fear God and have the desire to observe His commandments, which are described as holy, just and good – Rom. 7:12. The aim of this law is to make His covenant-keeping people holy, holy just and good through His holy, just and good law. The people of God who have, by grace, been made holy, just and good are the children of God with whom He has made agreement.

As they are good, He answers their prayers when they pray to Him. God’s commandments, being the terms presented to His people that have entered into agreement with Him, are the only requirements for answered prayers. Hence the Apostle John’s authoritative statement:

“And whatsoever we ask, WE RECEIVE OF HIM, because we keep His commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in His sight” – 1 John 3:22.

Definitely, God’s commandments are His instructions and directives which must be carried out obediently to get our prayers answered at all times because

His commandments constitute the terms of His everlasting agreement with us.

There is nothing that hinders prayers to our living God, except disobedience,

being the misapplication of the principles and commandment of the

Omnipotent power of our living Father. That the early Christians lived right in the sight of God and thus had their prayers answered at all times is reported in the Apostle John’s holy general epistle to all Christians.

Having satisfied all the rules and conditions laid down for answered prayers, the saints appeared boldly before the Throne of grace by prayer in Christ Jesus’ name and received grace and power for themselves and others Hebr. 4:16. Yes, boldness towards God for the things we need depends upon the keeping of His covenant. This is precisely the basis of the miraculous deeds in Christ. By way of strict observance of the living and powerful word of God on unceasing prayers, supplications, and intercession, the sons and daughters lived above the problems of this gentile world. They made advancement into the supernatural life of Christ and brought back to life even the dead, following their obedience to the divine law of holiness. This they were able to do because they were covenant-keepers. The power of Covenant-keepers is of God. The power of Covenant-keepers is therefore supernatural, capable of breaking all the opposing forces pf Satan.

Satan is always subject to the power of Covenant – Keepers, and can be exorcised by command. Oh, if God’s people had kept His commandments, being the tow-edged Sword of His Holy Spirit, in the days of the past, they would have retained their royal positions, and would have reigned as kings and queens in the kingdom of God, which was prepared for them from the foundation of the world – Isai. 48:18 & Matt. 25:34.

Loss Of Power
Owing to the terrible apostasy that has hit the Christian world, with the coming of the antichrists, countless Christians of this last age have been deceived to live as covenant–breakers. This is the dangerous work of the devil against the Lord’s salvation work.

There are numerous Christians who are covenant – breakers that have by transgression lost God’s greatest power, made available to only the keepers of His covenant or commandments, yet they don’t know anything about it. The all–powerful saving truth, which is the sound doctrine of Christ, is hidden from them, yet they are not aware of it. They live in sin, and carry out Satan’s will against their blessed hope for redemption, but they have no idea that they have been led to destruction by deception. This is because the prophetic age of the mystery of lawlessness is being fulfilled by masses, who love not all the commandments of their God for His mercy – Ex. 20:6.

Beloved, keep God’s covenant for power and wisdom, being a mystery to the lost Christians.