Supernatural Life In Christ

  • Prophecy of Supernatural Life In Christ – Joel 2:16-18,21.
  • John the Baptist foretold the supernatural Life In Christ with reference to the Lord’s baptism of the Holy Ghost and Fire.

The Resurrected Christ Spoke Of The Supernatural Life

  •  Before leaving the world for heaven, after His Resurrection, Christ also instructed His disciples to prepare themselves for the baptism of the Holy Ghost corresponding to the supernatural life In Him – Acts 1:4-5.
    The Supernatural Life got started on the day of Pentecost – Acts 2:1-4.
  • The Supernatural Life in Christ is lived through the power of the Holy Ghost to do the impossible.

End – time Power

  • God has given His power to His people in these last days because the coming of the powerful kingdom of God is near –1 Cor. 4:20.
  • The power needed to resurrect from the dead on the part of the dead saints, and the power needed to ascend up to heaven in the last day is the power of theHolySpiritofChrist – Rom. 8:11.
  • The Supernatural Life is the New Life in Christ, made in His likeness in true holiness and righteousness – Eph. 4:24.

Supernatural Life In Christ Is A Miracle – Life
The exceeding power of the New life is a miracle-life, being independent of the laws of nature on earth. Hence, the Lord’s command to break the laws of the natural man, which are the laws of Satan, meant for the suppression and destruction of people, with the power of the supernatural life in Christ – Matt. 10:8.

  • The operations of the supernatural life don’t depend on believers’ might or power – Zech. 4:6-7; Acts. 4:33.
  • The miraculous deeds of the power of the supernatural life pass all understanding! The deeds of the indwelling power of Christ exceed man’s imaginations and expectations. The power of the Holy Ghost of Christ is the supernatural power of God the Almighty.
  • Because of lack of knowledge, however, many Christians have been depending on their own strength and might in solving problems. Because of lack of the knowledge of this supernatural power, Christian masses are still not delivered, and still suffer.
  • Out of sheer ignorance, the supernatural power in Christ, which operate far beyond all the natural problems, lies idle to the disadvantage of many Christians.
  • Knowing very well that a terrible apostasy will hit the end-time universal Church of the living God, the Lord commanded the end-time Christians to turn to the supernatural faith of the ancient saints – 1 Timo. 4:1 &Jude 1:3. The Apostle Peter also made a call to power–development through the knowledge of Christ, because knowledge is power! – 2 Pet. 3:18.
  • To encourage the end-time Christians to reach the power–operating level of Christ and His apostles and evangelists, all end-time Christians have been called to be filled with the spirit of the Almighty God – Eph. 5:18.
  • To develop oneself to the advanced stage for power and maintain the unity of the Lord’s Spirit, all Christians have been ordered to “Walk in the Spirit” always where the natural laws of Satan in the human flesh are far below them – Gal. 5:16-17.
  • The supernatural life of Christ in believers, on the basis of divine grace, is a spiritual life of love, peace, joy, goodness, meekness, etc. Against such there is no law. The Christians who walk in the Spirit of Christ are always FREE! – 2 Cor. 3:17; John 8:36. 

Do you wish to be free from all the troubles which the lusts of the flesh give to people? Do you wish to have power over Satan and control him at will? If yes, please, live the supernatural life in Christ.

May the Merciful God of heaven and earth help everybody that wishes to enter into the supernatural life in Christ abide with the Supernatural God, the Most High. Amen.