God’s Power In His Church

God's words are his powers and vice versa. Defining God's all-purpose miracle-word, the writer of the general, holy letter to the Hebrews said: “For the word of God is living, and powerful, sharper then any two-edged SWORD” (Heb 4:2; emphasis mine). Figuratively speaking, Yashua (Christ) is the “Word of God—its personification that is.

The title, “The Word”, which is of course the word of God was conferred upon Him long before the creation of the world. Hence the Biblical introduction of His title, “The Word”, namely: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God”.( John 1:2-2).

Christ, the Son of God, came out of His Father, just as the spirits of children come out of their fathers and exist as separate entities or persons. Giving the historical background to the source of His Everlasting life, He referred to His unity with His Father, and further explained that spiritually He and His Father are not separate because He is in the Father and the Father is in Him. (John 14:10). He is the likeness of the invisible Father God, (Col.2:15).Because of this, Christ bears the same noble titles of His Father, though He is the Son.(Isaiah 9:6; John 5:22-29). The words “One God,” “Monotheism,” include Yashua. John 10:30 says it all:

“I and my Father are ONE”.

What does this mean? It means His Father and He are ONE GOD! You see? Though they are two, they are One, having One Spirit, One Power, One Kingdom, One Purpose, One Will, One traditional Law –in fact, perfect Unity.(Eph 4:3-6). As the Father was God long before creation, so also was the Son!

Having made His own Miracle-Word in His Son, He sent Him to save the lost world. A Spirit like His Father, He became flesh or a man by birth and reflected the eternal glory of His indwelling Father's Spirit to the Lost House of Israel.(John1:14)

Christ is, therefore, the personification of God's Word which is living and powerful, shaper than the two-edged Sword. Not only that. Christ's words are directly God the Father's words. They are not empty words but potentials capable of bringing to pass all their claims.

Each and everyone of His words is powerful and alive because all His words are wonderful and spiritual. The fact that Christ's words, be they commandments or doctrines, are not mere words, but are spirit and life, is made plain in John 6:63.

What this means is that all His holy commandments and laws which constitute the Doctrinal Beliefs of His universal Church are His own Spirit and life. That's why we should, of necessity, treat every word of God (being His Spirit) with respect. God's Word is HIS SPIRIT, and so whoever despises His Word does so to destroy himself or herself. (Prov13:13).

Christ's words and commandments are the powers for miracles, signs and wonders in His Universal Church Kingdom. This explains why signs and wonders follow those who believe and obey. As the word of God is the truth, whoever obeys it shall see the glory of God. In this regard, Christ is the Good News coming to you dear ones. Christ is the Law which is holy, just and good. (Rom 7:12 ). Better still, He is the doctrinal beliefs and tenets of His Church Kingdom.

This accounts for the solemn command to hold fast the holy doctrine or instruction, without letting it go as it is our life – Prov. 4:13. Here again, Yashua is the Biblical instruction in figure. In plainness of speech, He is introduced to us in the N.T as “our life”

I quote: “When Christ, who is our LIFE, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Him in glory” ( Col 3:4).

Upon careful reflection, it could be understood that both “Christ” and the divine instruction or doctrine are “Our Life”, and therefore are identical and the same. You see?

Since Christ and the Biblical doctrine are one and the same, the doctrine also bears all the titles of Christ such as “Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, and The Prince of Peace”. (Isaiah 9:6).

Whoever receives the Word of God in his or her heart by faith, therefore, receives the child or Son of God called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace in his or her heart. This is how obedient believers become Christ-like in all aspects of His supernatural life. The divine doctrine is the means of empowerment.

In anticipation of a miracle of water-turned into wine, Miriam (Mary) instructed the servers at the wedding ceremony to obey Christ's orders. She said to them:

“Whatsoever He says unto you, do it”. (John 2:5)

If we take the advice of the mother of Jesus at its face value (ie as it is), all our personal needs shall be provided, just as the need for wine at the wedding ceremony was supplied according to His instructions.

A miracle is the end-result of obedience to the Word of God or doctrine.

Please try the Word and prove it yourself. For our Saviour fails not once His command is carried out to the letter.

As Christ's teachings on faith and commands are here with us in the Church, His power for the supply of our needs has also been made available to us. These commandments and laws in the Holy Bible constitute the supreme power of the Most High, who made the whole universe out of emptiness.