Africa Urged to Forsake Idolatry


PRI:  Monday, 3rd January, 2005
Apostle-Elder Enoch Ofori, the President of the Association of 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies in Ghana, has called on African nations to forsake idolatry to pave the way for God to bring healing and prosperity to the land.


Describing Africa as the birthplace of civilization and the “Covenant land of Eden”, blessed with abundant natural resources by the Creator, Apostle Ofori, who was speaking at the New Year National Camp Meeting of the Church in Kumasi, attributed the present woes of the continent to Africans’ failure to give up idol-worship, while professing to be worshippers of the true God.
This, he noted, was most displeasing to God and therefore called for genuine repentance among Africans in order to win back the favours and mercies of the Lord.

The Camp Meeting, which was attended by members from all parts of the country, witnessed great miracles of healing and deliverance by the power of Christ.  The occasion was also used to unveil the Church’s development goals which include plans to upgrade all the existing infrastructure of the Church as well as embark on new projects.


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