ST. Paul’s Method of Soul Winning

Would a Holy God sanction the eating of unclean meats? You would probably exclaim, “But Jesus made all meats clean” and quote the Apostle Paul on that! The booklet, St. Paul’s Method Of Soul Winning, examines St. Paul’s attitude to the law of God in general and the dietary law in particular in the context of his three-pronged method of evangelism directed at the Jews, the Gentiles and the weak Christians.

It explains that St. Paul’s seeming laxity on the doctrine of holiness was only a temporary measure (in order not to be a stumbling block) to win more souls for Christ. Afterwards, he shunned not to declare to them the whole counsel of God. (Acts 20:27).

Be careful lest you wrest the teachings of Paul as the Apostle Peter, who in a direct quote from Leviticus 11 calls on Christians to be holy like God, cautions us in 2 Peter 3:15-16.

With St. Paul’s Method Of Soul Winning in your collection of Christian books, you will steer clear of that pitfall. Request a copy now!