Apostle Ofori’s Message To Christians – Be Filled With Holy Spirit

Kumasi Mail, Monday, January 9 – January 15, 2006, p. 9.

Apostle-Elder Enoch Ofori, President of the Association of 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies, has emphasized the need for Christians to be anointed with the Holy Spirit of God to promote godly living in the society.

He said the Lord Jesus Christ, who he described as “the last Adam”, is now restoring this divine power, originally given to man at creation until sin set in, to all repentant sinners who come to Him by faith.

Apostle Ofori was speaking at the National Camp Meeting of the Church in Kumasi, which ran from 30th December 2005 to 1st January, 2006.  The theme of the meeting was “The Significance of Christ’s Anointing Power”.

Apostle Ofori pointed out that for believers to live upright lives before the Lord, it was necessary that they be filled with the Holy Spirit.  He explained that under this condition believers would be able to produce the fruit of the Spirit which are the moral virtues that make for a godly, disciplined society.

Among the highlights of the Camp Meeting, which included healings and testimonies, was the launch of the Church’s website, meant to give the Church’s message of salvation a global reach.

By Joseph Appiah