Honour Tax Obligations – Christians told

The Chronicle, Monday, June 13, 2005 , page 9.

APOSTLE-ELDER Enoch Ofori, President of the 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies in Ghana has called on Christians to honour their tax obligations to the state for the maintenance of the law enforcement agencies and personnel.

He pointed out that the law enforcement agencies have been ordained by God to maintain peace and order in society and that they are, by the very mandate which regulate their operations, ministers of God who fight against evil.

Elder Ofori who made this observation during the mid-year National Camp Meeting of the Church in Kumasi, prevailed it upon Christians to contribute towards maintaining peace keepers and security agents by way of tax.

“You are duty bound to honour your tax obligations to move the nation forward”, Elder Ofori told the three-day meeting which was under the theme: “Christ’s Unseen World Rule”.

The Church leader said God had a hand in the administration of justice in the world, evidenced in the fact that the civil and criminal laws God gave to Moses for Israel had been incorporated into the laws of modern nations.

He said this explains why the law enforcement institutions like the police and the judiciary (courts) are mandated to fight injustice and crime.

Elder Ofori said in the circumstance, peace officers and law enforcers must, as a matter of principle, shun all acts that could bring their professional duties into disrepute at the expense of justice, peace and security of society because they have the divine mandate to protect lives and property of God’s children.

From Sabastian R. Freiku, Kumasi