Place emphasis on organic farming

Daily Graphic, Saturday, October 15, 2005,  p. 27.

The President of the Association of Seventh Day Pentecostal Assemblies , Apostle Kanok Ofori, has stressed the need for the country to place emphasis on organic farming.

Expressing concern about the increasing health problems plaguing people in the country in recent times, he said the diseases could be traced to the widespread consumption of foods which are contaminated with chemicals.

He said cardiovascular diseases for instance had been known to be associated with unwholesome foods on the market.

Speaking at the September-October camp meeting of the church in Kumasi, Apostle Ofori stressed the need to rid the markets of inorganic foods.
He called for a nationwide agricultural revolution that would enable the people to benefit full from the business.
“As a result of the high intake of inorganic food products which often contain toxic substances, untimely death has become the order of the day”, he added.
Apostle Ofori said almost all the foodstuffs on the African market in the urban areas were grown with chemicals, which acted as catalysts, speeding up the process of untimely growth, consequently leading to the untimely death of consumers of such food substances.
By chemical process, he said, farm crops were forced to grow faster than normal to enable their growers get quick money.
He said vegetables such as tomatoes, garden eggs and until recently rice had all come under the crops which are forced to be ready before their normal time of maturity.
The producers of inorganic foods with chemical fertilizers should be directed to embark on organic farming to enable the people enjoy the blessings of good health and long life, he said.
The President of the Seventh Day Pentecostal Assemblies, said good health and long life constituted important objectives of the war against the disease-causing inorganic foods.
“It is on record that many of our leading medical doctors have on several occasions pointed to the consumption of contaminated foods, containing traces of agro-chemicals, as a contributory factor to the incidence of untimely deaths in the country”, he said.

Story:  Enoch Darfah Frimpong, Kumasi