Special Appeal to Government: Strengthen Institutions that Promote Public Health and Order

PR4:  Saturday, 30th December, 2006
The National Board of the Association of 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies has appealed to the government to strengthen the institutions of State responsible for public health and order in the country.  It said the Church would be failing in its divine mission to look to both the spiritual and physical well-being of God’s children, if it remained unconcerned while indiscipline and the consumption of unwholesome foods became a way of life in our society.

The leadership of the Church issued the appeal during the end-of-year Camp Meeting of the Church in Kumasi, held from 29th to 31st December, 2006.

The principal speaker and Church president, Apostle-Elder Kanok Ofori, addressed the meeting on the theme “God’s Law At The World Level”. He said the law of God was meant to guide the nations of the world in building just and orderly societies.  The civilizing influence of God’s law, he noted, was most noticeable in the advanced countries of Europe and America which founded their civilization largely on the bedrock of divine law.

Apostle Ofori said because such countries adopted the principles of God’s law on morality, sanitation and others early in their nationhood, and even incorporated them in their statute books and constitutions, laws against filth, indiscipline and fraudulent deals were strictly enforced.  Consequently, these countries have been blessed, as God promises national greatness for nations who obey His laws (Deut. 28:13; Prov. 14:34).

Sadly, the same cannot be said of Africa.  Apostle Ofori said that although Africa seemed to be over-religious, the continent had so ignored the Biblical laws that many Africans had become inured to squalor and slaves to indiscipline.  Worst of all was when it came to issues of food safety and purity.  Referring to the use of harmful chemicals on food crops and the preparation of meals in unhygienic conditions, he said the situation had reached a crisis point which called for radical measures to rectify.

Apart from public education, Apostle Ofori said there was a pressing need for the state institutions in charge of public health and order to be further motivated and resourced to discharge their duties effectively.  He therefore reiterated the Church’s appeal to government to not only provide our law enforcement agencies, such as the Police, and other specialized agencies involved in public health and order with the needed logistics, but also offer them incentives in the form of salary increments and the renovation of their run-down offices and living quarters.

He said God expected governments to use their authority, which He ordained Himself, to institute appropriate measures for the general good (Rom. 13:1-3).  He emphasized that if the people of Africa, together with their governments, would turn to the principles of God’s law on discipline, sanitation and fair business practices, the Almighty would command blessings on the continent and accelerate its development.
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