Urgent Need For God’s Great Power

A. Under the Old Covenant the maximum power of Elohim was employed to solve impossible problems facing His people as follows:

  1. The Great Miracles of God’s great power by Moses in Egypt, and in the wilderness – 1 Cor. 10:1-4; Hebr. 13:8.
  2. The Great Miracles of God’s great power by Joshua, Samson, Samuel, David, Elijah and Elisha.

A. Under the New Covenant the same process of the operation of the Lord’s great power is being repeated as He changes not – Mal. 3:6. the evidence includes

  1. The Great Miracles of God’s great power by Christ in the 4 Gospels.
  2. The Great Miracles of God’s great power by Apostle Paulus in Ephesus – Acts 19:8-15.
  3. Exceeding effects of God’s indwelling, great power – Eph. 3:20-21.

B. A heavenly call to the development of God’s great power for amazing results has been made to all believers with reference to:

(a) 2 Pet. 3:18

(b) Eph. 6:10-18

(c) Eph. 4:11-14

(d) 2 Timo. 2:1-3

D. The method of the development of God’s great power is effective through the following conditions:

(i) Great faith

(ii) Self-denial

(iii) Holiness and righteousness

(iv) Unceasing devotions/prayers and fastings for a long period of  days – Joel 2; Matt. 17:20-21.

(v) In quietness and in isolation – Lk. 4:1-11.

Daniel’s Example: At the bank of the Euphrates or Hiddekel.

E. The required level of God’s indwelling power:

(a) Fullness of Christ – Eph. 4:13.

(b) The fullness of Christ’s indwelling power offered the Apostles the ability to do His wonders and signs – Acts 2:43; Acts 4:33.

F. The cause of ministers’ inability to perform the Lord’s mighty works is a matter of insufficient power. For instance, the disciples were not able to cast out a demon of epilepsy, due to lack of God’s great power – Matt. 17:17-21.

G. Reserve-Time For Refilling

The Lord Jesus set us an example of how to maintain the full-level of God’s great power for deliverance operations by spending all night in prayer to God (Lk. 6:12) until He was refilled. Having been refilled up with God’s great power capable of doing the impossible, He approached the victims of Satan and by prayer of faith set them free, according to their faith..

After the all night tarry in prayer to God, He returned to the afflicted who had been waiting for Him by faith, and “healed them all” with His unequalled power – Lk. 6:17-19.

Beloved, the most essential need of the hour is the great power of the Almighty El-Shaddai, which can be operated by holy anointed believers to effect deliverance in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to bear witness that His supreme power is always in control. Really, time is ripe for God’s ministers to lift up the miracle of rod of Aaron “that budded” (Hebr. 9:4), symbolic of Yahwe’s great power for wonders and signs.

Truly, the antitype of the symbolic Aaron’s rod, with which Moses performed the 10 miracles of plagues in Egypt, has been offered to spiritual Jewish Christians in this last hour of redemption in the form of the greatest power of Christ. Therefore, the indwelling power of the Son of God, our dear Lord Jesus Christ, which was represented by Aaron’s miracle-rod, is the power of the New Testament Christians. The true power of God the Most High able to do what Aaron’s rod could not do has been transferred to obedient ones. Although the rod of Aaron did not raise up the dead to life, the power of Christ can do it. The power of the New Testament is able to cause both resurrection from the dead to life and ascension to heaven. Halleluya!

Therefore, we are now not using a type of God’s supreme power under the New Covenant of Grace, but the real power of God, with which nothing is impossible – Lk. 1:37. Beloved, have you noticed he sharp difference between the symbolic power of the Old Testament and that of the New Testament? The power of Elohim that has been given to the New Testament people of God has no equal, but many a Christian of to-day is unable to take advantage of it to solve problems, to the glory of God, due to disobedience! The wonderful Name of Christ Jesus living in the Pentecostal believers is now the miracle-performing power released to save the perishing – Mk. 16:15-20.

Presenting His wonderful Name to His Church in the first century A.D., Christ said:

“And these Signs shall follow them that believe;’

In My Name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new Tongues …” – Mk. 16:17-18

Truly, under the New Covenant, the wonderful Name of our Lord is the power of God for the redemption work. But, look, to make His power work, He must abide in you by repentance and faith, so that as soon as you call Him, He will respond at once from within you. Is Christ in you? – 2 Cor. 13:5.

Now that we have access to the Holiest of all in heaven by Christ’s blood and Spirit (Hebr. 9:19-20; Eph. 2:18) where the source is, let’s do everything possible to use the supreme power of His to show that He has redeemed us from Satan’s power, and so He reigns over all.

God’s Great Power For Great Wonders
It was Moses’ 40-day and 40-night fasting prayers without water that produced unequalled miracles of earthquake, etc. The elimination of Korah, Abiram and Nathan out of the redeemed people of Israel occurred, as a result of the use of God’s great power, quelling the rebellion – Number 16.
Christ, the New Testament Moses (Acts 7:37-38) inaugurated the New Testament deliverance ministry with the same 40-day and 40-night fasting prayer without water at the bank of the river Jordan. The great power of the Most High, which had come upon Him, after water baptism by immersion, provided Him with great victory over the devil.

With Yahwe’s great power, He bound the enemy and took his booty–the human captives–without much difficulty. To the surprise of the Jews, He exorcised demons to set a lot of them (captives) free. If we learn of Him with all humility and employ the same weapon of defence, which is effective through fasting prayers at any given time, that is, not necessarily over a period of 40-days and 40 nights like Christ or Moses, we can off-load human problems too to make those who have been heavy laden rest from their burdens – Matt. 11:28-30.

Beloved, currently, what we urgently need is God’s great power, with which we can fearlessly resist the devil to cause him to be on the run. That which is urgently needed to receive our Father’s great promises in Christ, made to us is nothing, but His great power in operation – 2 Cor. 1:18-20.

Although all His great promises are perfectly true, they have not been received by many a Christian, following the insufficiency of divine power! Dear ones, the insufficiency of God’s power is that which He terms “little faith”! To be exact, faithlessness is powerlessness – Matt. 17:17-20. Therefore, “little faith” is an insufficient power, unable to accomplish any great task.

But Christ made a promise of great miracles to His ministers full of great faith and power in John 14:12, with a promise of even greater wonders at this New Testament time, when He has ascended the miracle Throne of God the Father on His right hand.

With God’s great faith and power, filled up to the brim, Stephen performed great wonders and miracles among the Jews in Judea – Acts 6:8.

As a matter of fact, the fullness of God’s power or Christ is the requisite requirement for wonder-causing events in the life of every saint. Truly, it requires the maximum dynamo/power of the living God to produce marvelous effects, to His glory.

Unfortunately, many a Pentecostal believers has not been able to satisfy the requirement to perform wonders because they do so with the minimum amount of divine power in them. Hence the heavenly call to the growth and development of Christ’s Spirit of grace, resulting in the development of His great power for amazement, to His glory – 2 Pet. 3:18.

Oh, dear ones, I am sorry to say that Christians in their numbers are still undelivered on the grounds of the insufficient power of Christ. To reach the highest level of development with His great power, let’s all give ourselves to prayers and fastings regularly to boost high production in the soul-winning field to save the dying!

Buck Up, Christians!
For your information, the opportunity which has been offered to us all to bear much fruit to the glory of our God is still available. The historic day of salvation, in which major issues on the miracles of Christ for freedom has been made crystal clear, is still open to us. Forward should we go with the fullness of His maximum power in His spiritual image and likeness to make the good news of deliverance a reality, but not a myth!

Dear Christian armed forces, buck up! Let’s do everything possible to address ourselves to issues affecting our welfare with our God-given provision for defense. Please remember that our Saviour is still in command. Hence the heavenly call to spiritual armament in Eph. 6:10-18. The supreme power we urgently need for the conquest of all demonic principalities and powers was made available to all 7th Day Pentecostal believers on the great occasion of the last New Testament feast of Pentecost in Acts 2:1-4.

Ever since, Christ’s victorious power over all has been operational everywhere without cessation! It began from the first century A.D., when the apostolic wonderful pioneers in Judea preached the gospel truth on true happiness to spiritual prisoners of Satan with divine confirmation and signs following as reported in St. Mk. 16:15-20.

Beloved, everything on earth has a start, and so, this is also true of world evangelism. The great power with which the early anointed apostles and their followers effected mass deliverance still lies idle. Let’s therefore go the Pentecostal way of power, with all boldness and faith to continue the world evangelism with absolute freedom to liberate masses in affliction from the fetters and chains of the devils, to the glory of God. Christian soldiers, let’s buck up. Victory is always ours. Halleluya! Amen.

Application Of Force

The need for the application of force at this time of the seizure of Satan’s captives around the world with the power of Christ’s blood and Spirit should be supplied at all times. The required power is the strength of God the Almighty, without which the defeated devil would always resists attempts which the gospel fighters make to set his spiritual slaves free!

Putting this important information across to salvation-seekers of to-day, the War-Captain of our salvation said:

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it BY FORCE” – Matt. 11:12 (Emphasis Mine).

It’s against this background that in James 4:7 our Head has issued a solemn command to us to submit ourselves to His greatest power, and with it resist or oppose the devil till his flight. In fact, force must be applied with Christ’s power, so that the promised freedom and happiness can be personally enjoyed in the spiritual kingdom of God – Rom. 14:17. In fact, the great harvest demands God’s great power.

God bless you. Amen.