Agogo – The Foundations of Babylon were Shaken

The Agogo Soul-winning Camp Meeting (advertised elsewhere on this site) was hugely successful—so successful that a pagan fetish priest looking out his window was instantly converted as he watched our Sunday morning procession through the principal streets of the town!

The programme from Friday evening 3rd September, 2010 to Sunday evening 5th September, 2010 was simply splendid. Everything was orderly. Seventeen assemblies were present, and the turnout was unusually large for a September meeting.

Repentance was the mantra in all our public messages. Dr. Paul Ntiamoah (Agogo Assembly) preached first on Friday evening followed by a brief sermon by myself. But for me that was just the beginning of a series of talks till the close of the programme.  Early on Sabbath morning, I was at the studios of Asempa FM preaching an hour-long message on the true Gospel. Then I taught Sabbath School to begin the day’s Sabbath service. Titled “Before the World Meets its Doom, Here’s God’s Last Warning Message”, it was an engrossing and insightful 3-hour lesson on the rising global government of the beast. (Text and audio available elsewhere on the website). In the afternoon, I preached on “The Fervent Prayer of the Righteous”, followed by a 30-minute talk by Mr. Oteng, a Black Hebrew writer and researcher, on the African Hebrew background of the Messiah.

After songs of praises and congregational prayer, the service closed at 3pm. Next on the programme was another public preaching later in the evening featuring our star message – “Fulfilled End-time Sign of the 666 Antichrist”. Two speakers were on the bill that evening, Deacon Andoh of Accra and myself. Deacon Andoh preached the introductory 666 message and I delivered the main. The crowd was both impressive and impressed. While I preached, images of ‘666’ technological devices being developed to create a controlled society were being screened on TV for the audience to appreciate the points raised.

The meeting closed around 8:30pm, and we began the Deliverance Hour session at 1am -4am Sunday morning. It was a night of power and deliverance with many healed and delivered from the oppressive power of the devil in the mighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

By 6am, it was time for the parade accompanied by brass band music! It was a very colourful scene with sisters and brothers dressed in T-shirts emblazoned with pictures of my late father and church founder Apostle Enoch Ofori and myself. Amid joyous singing, the people of God marched through the principal streets of Agogo drawing crowds who also joined in the singing. Heaven was so pleased it began to drizzle with the dew of blessing. As the procession moved, some of the brothers dished out tracts to the people.

At 5pm sharp, we began the final session. Two speakers also spoke, Evangelist Joseph Appiah and I Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr.

The Lord gave His people grace and strength to carry out the programme successfully, however hectic it was. And He ministered salvation and healing to the people. Over 50 people directly responded to the call to repentance and faith in Christ, and many others indicated their willingness to worship with the Agogo Assembly in the coming days.

The impact was huge and visible. As we bade goodbye on Sunday night, the townspeople waved happily to us and we waved back. As humble instruments in the hands of the Lord, we praise Him for His special grace and anointing. “This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes” (Ps. 118:23). Halleluiah!

By: Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr.