The Gospel to the Ends of the World


Hurray! Our Website Enoch International Evangelism is one-year old. And we have been thrilled by its impact around the world. In just one year, the LORD  has used this online ministry and our other website to reach His children thirsty for His truth in different parts of the world. Often the precious ones so reached and impacted make earnest requests for literature. But once we fulfill the request, the next earnest request is for a MISSIONARY TRIP!
It’s one area we feel the Lord will soon make a breakthrough.

To all those who prayed for us and encouraged us, we say thank you and God bless you. Year 2010 has been a most fruitful year for me personally and my ministry. The loving Father has been so good He even brought me my missing rib (Mrs. Cynthia Ofori)!

Here, I share with you one of many ‘Macedonian calls’ from Pastor Francis Nyabiage of Tanzania. His picture and that of his congregation are also shown. May the God of all grace bless all of us and make us even more fruitful in year 2011 in Yahshua’s holy Name.

Dear beloved children of God,
Saints of the Most High, lovers of God, followers of Christ, slaves of the Gospel.

Francis_Nyabiage.JPG To all of you who confess Christ before men in word and Good deeds. Grace and peace to you from God our Father and Christ our Lord. We praise the Lord for giving you and us great opportunities to preach the Gospel freely and for opening the hearts of His people.

We are pleased and honored to let you know that your nurturing and nourishing
Materials you send to me many months ago was a seed planted in our hearts and it will grow and bring forth much fruit when you will allow us to be part of the wonderful work you are doing so that together we can fulfill the will of God lifting up the veil from the eyes of His people, for them to see Christ in their lives, that together we might bring Him glory and honor and faithfully build His Kingdom.

We dedicate you and your ministry into the hands of God and request for your
teaching materials, prayers and fellowship with our ministry.

our_congregation_church.JPG If God provides the opportunity we beseech that brothers make a MACEDONIAN TRIP here and help us. {Acts 16:9-10} We are based in Tanzania and we shall be encouraged as you reply and share with us; also see our congregation and my picture. as well. We anticipate hearing from you soon.
A ministry well done by His faithful servants brings GLORY to Christ.

Deeply in His grace,
Pastor  Francis Nyabiage