Camp Meeting Sermons

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Kumasi Camp Meeting- 29th Dec. 2016-1st Jan. 2017 

Welcome Address: The Faithfulness of His Word, our Song of Praise Today and Forever

The Effect of Social Media on the Youth

Sabbath School Sermom:The Biblical Last Days are Here

Sabbath Afternoon Sermon: The Hour of Favour

Deliverance Hour: The Unimaginable Power of Faith


Kumasi Camp Meeting- 31 December 2015-4 Jan 2016

Welcome Sermon-In Him is Yes forever

Now is the time to give back the Blessing

The Unimaginable Power of Faith

The Sabbath God’s Eternal Sign of Rest

Rev. 13 A Dragon Roars from the White House

Delieverance Hour message-Believe and Live


2015 Camp metting Sermons

Welcome Message

The Power and Glory of a Faultless Covenant

Deliverance Hour Message

A Culture of Death in the World

2013 camp meeting Sermons

A Calling to Perfect Holiness

A Faithful God in An Uncertain World


Kumasi Camp Meeting- 30 Jan 2011-1 Jan 2012

How to Live the Unconquerable Christian Life

The Glory of God Shines in the Face of Jesus

Going Higher in God

Nkonsia Camp Meeting- September 2011

The Ultimate Big Reason to Keep the Sabbath

Overcoming the Defeated Enemy

A Character Study of King Hezekiah

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