Repentance and the Holy Ghost – The New Life

By Apostle-Elder Enoch Ofori (deceased)

(Typed and taught posthumously, Saturday, 28th April, 2012 by Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr)


Beloved, we have been called to a New Life in Christ, but this New Life is only achieved through repentance, followed by the personal experience of the Lord’s spiritual baptism.  In fact, the blessed gospel message of repentance, because of which Yokanan (John) the Baptist was born into this world, is the gateway to the creation of the new man and his new life.  Yes, repentance is the only permit, urgently needed for the possession of God’s supreme power. It’s the pivot of divine grace, whereby the Most High in reality reveals His eternal glory, hidden from sinners, to all men and women in this dark world! Click here to download the full sermon