Ps 23: A Celebration of the Heaven-ordered Life

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath Sermon, 27th October, 2012)

A Shepherd’s Heart

He came bounding down the dusty track after a hard day’s work in the field tending his father’s flock.  A slap-happy lad, David had set off early in the morning draped in a shaggy cloak with a pouch of skin slung across his back. In one hand, he held a shepherd’s staff and in the other a sling.  And he marched ahead of the flock (John 10:4). On opening the pen, the sheep had piled out in their usual disorderly manner, the lambs frisking all over the place, but David’s staff brought immediate discipline to the flock. He guided them into order, and they obediently followed him to find pasture.

Pasture! That was David’s foremost concern as he led the flock. A hardworking, caring shepherd, David knew exactly the kind of pasture his sheep would love to graze — luxuriant, succulent pasture.  The last time he checked, the meadow was overgrazed and most spots were bare but for tufts of grass miserably squatting on the ground.  Though a little far-off, the pasture on the foothills, which lay across the valley near the brook, must be fresher and greener by now. Read full sermon here