END-TIME DANGEROUS No. 666 (Rev.13:18)

Christ’s Last Warning Against 666


By Apostle-Elder Enoch Ofori


What is 666?

1. The Beast’s Biblical number 666 is the Last Signal of Danger to the World (Rev. 13:17-18). It’s the mark of all condemned souls in the place of the eternal torments of fire (Rev. 14:11).

2. “666” is Satan’s number of identification for multitudes doomed to destruction.

3. Beware of the 3rd Angel’s Warning Message against the Mark of the Beast, 666! (Rev. 14:9-11).

4. Satan has authorised the 10-horned Beast symbolic of a revived Roman Empire centred in Europe to use 666 to lead masses to destruction (Rev.13:1-2, 18). Hence the appearance of 666 in this closing age. The Bible prophecy of 666, the “mark of the beast”, is fulfilled! 

5. Beware of the Beast’s Number 666! It’s the number of the heavenly condemned Identity Card.

6. Whoever receives the Mark of the Beast or 666 is a Son or Daughter of Perdition!

7. Love not the 666 charming goods, with which all nations have been deceived to perish (1John 2:15-18).

8. Don’t receive the so-called free 666 goods and pay for them later with your souls in Hell-fire (Rev. 14:11). Therefore, the 666 world’s goods are not free! Oh yes, man’s soul is the price, which every person who receives the 666 goods has to pay for them (see Matt. 16:26). Behold, the 666 world with all its lustful goods shall soon pass away (1Jn. 2:17). Every 666-labelled free gift is a gift of the dangerous Trojan Horse!

9. The Beast’s 666 Number of Identification is the Gate-Way to the Lake of Fire (Rev. 19:9-11).

10. All Preachers who fear the Beast’s 42-month persecution and therefore have refused to preach to warn people against 666 shall be condemned into the Lake of Fire (Rev. 21:8). Therefore, all Christian ministers preach publicly to warn God’s people against the danger of 666 to save your lives and others (Ezek. 33:2-6).

11. Beware of the 666 Dangerous Strategy of deception! By Christ’s order!

12. Don’t worship the Beast and his Image (Rev.13:8). By Christ’s Order.

13. 666 is the Number of the Man of Sin, the “Son of Perdition” (2Thess. 2:3).

14. The 666 Beast’s Universal Church is Biblically called: “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE


15. The 666 Beast’s Church is the Mother Church, according to Christ’s Book of Revelation

(Rev. 17:5).

16. Beware of the Beast’s Mother Church’s Doctrines, described as “ABOMINATIONS And

Filthiness of the Wine of Her Fornication” (Rev.17:4).

17. Immediately after the 42-month World Government of 666 Anti-christs, Christ Jesus shall return (2Thess. 2:1-3).

18. Immediately after the Last 666 Days of Great Tribulation, Christ shall come again to save His elect with the help of His Angles (Matt. 24:29-31).

19. Woe unto all 666 people! For against them has Christ prepared the 7 Last Plagues, referred to as Doomsday! (Rev. 15:1, 16:1-17).

20. Beloved, believe not the lie that Rapture will come before the Project 666 of Mass Destruction!

21. Christians, prepare now against the Beast’s war with the Remnant saints! (Rev. 13:7). By Christ’s Order.

22. Don’t receive 666 or the Mark of the Beast to avert the Danger of Eternal Torments of Fire! By Christ’s Order.

23. Beware of the deceitful manifestoes of the coming World Government! -By Christ’s Order.

24. The Beast’s 666 Code of Identification is the antitype of the Forbidden Fruit, which Adam and Eve ate to perish with their descendants.

25. With the serpent’s forked Tongue of deception and flattery, the 666 Antichrist have deceived all nations that don’t believe the Holy Bible!

26. Satan, the Beast, and the False Prophet, in the company of their numerous lost followers shall lose the War of Armageddon, being the 6th plague, to face the everlasting flames of fire in the lake of fire and sulphur (Rev. 16:12 -16; Rev. 19:11-20; Rev. 20: 10-15).

27. Christians who shall be killed by the Beast for their refusal to receive the 666 Number of condemnation have already been blessed (Rev. 14:13). All the souls of the martyrs shall be partakers of the blessed 1st Resurrection to reign with Christ (Rev.20:4-6).

28. With the Deceptive Words of peace and unity, the 666 Anti-Christs will deceive the world to perish (1Thess. 5:3).

29. According to Michel Smiely of Stockholm, Sweden, (the publisher of “Project 666” book), a 42-month World rule of the Beast is underway!

30. Behold, the Bible Prophecy of the Beast’s Global Rule with Number 666 is being fulfilled to lead the Gentile World Community to destruction. This is how the whole world is being led to destruction by the Red Dragon’s No. 666.

31. Traders, and Merchants, attention: Beware of the 666 Single Common Currency Notes in Bible Prophecy (Rev. 13:17). In accordance with Mr. 666 Michel Smiely’s report, the 666 Business System will cover all economic and commercial transactions. I quote: “666 BUSINESS CODE WHICH COVERS ALL ECONOMIC AND COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS. The dream of every entrepreneur and businessman has always been to carry out his commercial activities using only one currency …” – Project 666, page 51, Art., 666 BUSINESS CODE.

32. The Prophecy of the 666 System of Common Currency usage throughout the World has found its initial fulfillment in the creation of the Euro’, the common currency of the European Union. The Euro is increasingly viewed as a model for other regional currencies being planned. Thanks to God for the information in Project 666 about how the prophecy of the 666 single Common Currency in Rev. 13:17 is being fulfilled.

33. The final fulfillment of the prophecy of “the Mystery of Iniquity” will soon be fulfilled (2Thess.2:7). For this reason, the Three Heads of the Three Major False Religions of the World, operating under secrecy now, shall be revealed publicly with the Beast’s Number 666! Halleluiah! Jesus shall come again soon! When? He shall return, immediately after the overthrow of the 666 last beastly world kingdom! That shall be the divinely appointed time for rapture!

34. Like how the World Roman Emperor, Constantine, legalized Sunday AS A DAY of worship in Christendom, the Beast shall issue decrees to reform Christianity into paganism, in which Image- Worship and other Abominations are practised, to lead the sons and daughters of perdition to destruction (Rev. 13:8).

35. All the remnant saints whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life shall not worship the Beast nor his image, forbidden in the Ten Commandments (Ex. 20:3-4; 1Cor. 10:14).

36. Dearly beloved, are you on the side of Christ or on the side of the 666 Anti-Christ? If you are on the side of Christ, please write to us to join hands with us in the WAR FOR SOULS right now. Fear not! The Almighty God is our War-Captain. Victory is ours, no matter what!

37. What is 666? It’s the cursed number of the beast. Reject it!

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