The Glory of the Latter House


By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath Sermon, 4th January, 2014)

An Unfinished House of Glory

An artist’s skill lies in his ability to turn nondescript material, such as a piece of wood or stone, into a beautiful work of art. It may be sculpture or painting. But the wonder is that the once pedestrian material has become a fine work of art people stop to admire and even spend good money to buy.  The artist sees something in the raw uncut stone or bland scene no one else with ordinary eyes sees. He sees hidden beauty in the crude material and his job is to bring it out by hammering the material into shape or painting with dexterous strokes of the brush.

King Solomon speaks to the principle in Proverbs: "Take the impurities out of silver and the artist can produce a thing of beauty" (Prov. 25:4 GNB).

So what does God see in us?

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The Glory of the Latter House
The Glory of the Latter House