The Biblical Last Days are Here: How Prepared are you?

7th day Camp

By :Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr (Senior Pastor)    7th day Camp

Date: Saturday, 31st December, 2016


It’s Prophecy News on the hour!



 To say that we are in the last days is not only an understatement but a trite fact. The media confront us on an almost daily basis with a chilling immediacy of fulfilled Bible prophecies as they happen around the world. The end-time signs are unfolding before our eyes in a way the original disciples, who had the privilege of hearing them firsthand from Christ, could never have imagined.

“Rumours of wars”, killings and disease epidemics are now a staple of mass media. Thanks to instantaneous media, we hear, read and see them as they occur. In the first century AD, it would have taken several months or years to ‘’hear’’ such news from afar. It is a prophecy which is properly meant for our time. We witness the fulfillment of divine prophecies as they unfold in real time! It’s amazing how the news media have vindicated Christ’s words in our day and age.

But how will it all pan out? How will the very last events of this last age happen? We know the Second Coming is the high point of it all. But what about the Great Tribulation: Will it take place after the ‘rapture’ of the church or before it? What is the chronological order of the end-time prophetic events? 

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