Global Hunger Looms:


Visions of an apocalyptic famine, sweeping across the world, are becoming frighteningly real. High increases in world food prices have led to what experts call a “world food crisis.”  Worrying statistics abound about the millions who could be thrown into hunger.

Even so, it is not the dire hunger forecasts that have left experts horrified, but the increasing number of people already in the grip of this nascent global hunger. Unable to stand the pangs of hunger, millions of the world’s poor have rioted over soaring food prices in such countries as Egypt, Morocco, Senegal and Burkina, while the US government has distributed food stamps to its poorer citizens.

Other countries have since learnt a lesson. To keep more of their food at home, countries like Argentina, China, India and Kazakhstan have resorted to putting limitations on their grain exports.

And why not? As the old saying goes, ‘a hungry man is an angry man,” and unless a quick end is found to the ballooning crisis, the food riots are likely to continue with the potential to even destabilize nation states!

The crisis has been put down to several factors chief among them (1) higher grain prices partly due to the increasing diversion of grain into the production of ethanol and other ‘bio-fuels’; (2) unfavourable weather conditions (drought for example) and the fall in the value of the US Dollar.

A sound analysis by the experts as they always do. But ominously all these could be conspiring to bring an apocalyptic horror to reality!

Rev. 6 gives a line-up of 4 horsemen, each tasked to unleash one trouble or another on the earth. Horse rider one pictures the antichrist on a conquering spree; horse rider two represents war; horse rider three symbolizes famine caused by astronomical food prices; horse rider four heralds cold menacing death! (Rev. 6:2-8).

None of the riders brings anything pleasant, but the third rider hits particularly close—the stomach! We aren’t there yet, but coming events cast their shadows. It will not be unwise to keep a close watch for the events described in Rev. 6.

Jesus’ return is imminent. Midnight hour may soon strike! How prepared are you?

By: Enoch Ofori Jr.