The Gospel to the Ends of the World


If you follow the news, you will no doubt notice an exciting phenomenon: Our world is ‘shrinking’ rapidly. Societies are intermingling even as economies are fusing and becoming ever interdependent.

Global trade and technology appear to be driving the trend.  We now live in a global village; globalization is the buzzword.

But politics is not entirely out of the picture. As well as economic integration, the political integration of the nations of the world is on the agenda of the global elites calling the shots. The perennial concerns of humanity are now addressed from the perspective of an emergent ‘international community’.

Apparently, rigid national sovereignty is no longer considered desirable—unless perhaps you want to live in the Cold War era! International diplomacy has come a long way.

Is a New World Order on the horizon? What does Bible prophecy say about it? And what does the believer make of it all?

The Bible has always been ahead of history. Because God is all-knowing, He’s able to accurately predict the future and with enough clues to make us clearly understand where we are headed according to His time-table of end-time events.

Will the world ever come together? The Bible says yes! Will a world dictator arise during this time? The Bible again says yes—the antichrist of the Apocalypse, the ‘beast’.

All the Biblical prophecies destined for our times are being fulfilled. A New World Order is emerging, composed of a one-world government, a one-world economy and a one-world religion. Updates on this rising new ‘Tower of Babel’ regularly appear in your news.

To help you connect the dots—relate Bible prophecy to present-day events—has this page been created.

Be in a hurry to learn what is in store for humanity before the earth’s final doom – the conspiracy to hand over the world to the antichrist, the technological devices being developed to control all humanity plus the hi-tech weapons being engineered and acquired in anticipation of Armageddon!

Above all, be strengthened in your faith and conviction that the Bible is true and that the Almighty will deliver on His promises. He promises His saints a far superior ORDER—eternal life and peace without end!
This is the Kingdom Satan wants to rob us of. Hence his phoney paradise is wickedly timed to emerge just before Jesus’ return to receive the Church into glory.

A most sinister plot! But it’s certain to fail. God’s elect shall not be deceived. Michael, the Prince, shall stand for His people. (Dan. 12:1).

Keep visiting this page; learn more and prepare before it’s too late!