The Three Sabbath City-States of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, as a city, has intimately been connected with the Creator since antiquity. It was the city where Melchizedek, described as the King of Salem and a Priest of the Most High God, once dwelt. (Gen. 14:19; Heb. 7).  Later, it was occupied by the Jebusites and finally...

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The End Of The Adamic World And Satan

Life on earth is at best a bitter-sweet experience and at worst an endless cycle of woes. One historian simply reduces world history to a record of man's numerous wars: “In many instances, the history of a people is the history of its wars.” ( Dictionary of Wars...

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God’s Power In His Church

God's words are his powers and vice versa. Defining God's all-purpose miracle-word, the writer of the general, holy letter to the Hebrews said: “For the word of God is living, and powerful, sharper then any two-edged SWORD” (Heb 4:2; emphasis mine). Figuratively speaking, Yashua (Christ) is the “Word...

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Africa , Land Of Biblical Traditions

“Wherever I went, I found that my Master had been there before me.” So declared Dr. H. Ph. Junod, a missionary and researcher, after a 30- year sojourn in Africa. (From A History of Christianity In Ghana, p .1 under the heading “He came into His own Home”)....

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The Royal Law and the Slave Law

The Royal Law

The constitutional law, governing the kingdom of God, is known as the Royal Law. The knowledge of this law leads to the knowledge of righteousness and holiness. This is the perfect law, which all those who have been made kings and priests for...

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The Restoration of Our Divine Nature

The scriptural account of the creation of man depicts man as the image of God, created in His likeness. As glorious as our pedigree is, one striking fact puts a damper on everything:

God is spiritual and immortal; man is carnal and mortal. Why this yawning disparity? Why...

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Christ’s Universal Power Over All

Introducing Christ to the world community, especially His universal power over all the inhabitants of heaven, of earth, and of hades, St. Paul says:

“ Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him, and given a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every...

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The Wonderful Post-Resurrection life

Death is an age-old dread. Some philosophically call it “ a necessary end,” but that’s probably because there’s apparently no escape from it.

Nevertheless, the story of one Man shows that there’s hope beyond the grave. Meet Jesus of Nazareth, “the first fruit of them that slept [die].”...

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Sabbath vs. Sun Day

There has been only one change in the calendar since Jesus was on earth. This change did in no way affect the day of the week, only the day of the month. God would never have said “REMEMBER THE SABBATH” and then allowed time to have...

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